SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco billionaire activist Tom Steyer doesn’t want to hear what you want to get done — he wants to know how you’re going to do it.

Steyer sat down with KRONon while he was in San Francisco for the Democratic National Committee meeting.

The 62-year-old whose known for advocating for President Trump’s impeachment joined the race late but is confident he’ll qualify for the September debates.

Steyer says his basic premise behind his campaign is that we have a “broken government” that’s been bought by corporations.

At first, Steyer said he wasn’t going to run for president but then changed his mind after watching the debates.

“What scared me in listening to the early debates was that people were talking intelligently and importantly about different policy differences…but there was no discussion about how we’d get any of it done,” Steyer explained.

“I felt like…we’re not going to deal with the real problems confronting Americans,” Steyer said. “We’re going to talk about policies and solutions but we’re not going to get to a place where we can say this is how we’re going to accomplish it.”

Watch Heenan’s full interview with Steyer in the video above.

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