SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) — In the wake of a rainy winter that pockmarked city streets with potholes, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Monday said he has included nearly $90 million in funding for street repaving work in the city’s capital budget over the next two years.

The $89.5 million in funds for pothole repairs, street repaving and striping and other such measures represents the single largest expenditure in the mayor’s proposed $530.3 million two-year capital budget.

The goal is to bring all city streets to a “Pavement Condition Index” score of 70 by 2025. Currently, the city is on target to reach that goal, progressing from a low score of 63 in 2009 to 69 in 2016.

The mayor announced the funding Monday at a project repaving 29th Avenue, a street that had a PCI of only 40 and had been the subject of repeated complaints. The repaved road should last around 25 years, officials said.

“San Franciscans deserve streets that are smooth and easy to travel on, and won’t result in wear-and-tear on their vehicles or create hazards for cyclists and pedestrians,” Lee said Monday.

City repaving efforts amounting to more than 700 blocks a year have been funded in part by a $248 million bond approved in 2011.

The capital budget also includes $3 million to upgrade the city’s Seawall and $300,000 to support the Sea Level Rise Action Plan.

It includes $1.25 million toward bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements in high-injury corridors and near schools, as well as $2.9 million for sidewalk repairs and $11.8 million for curb ramps.

In addition to city streets, the capital budget also includes nearly $5 million for repairs to public stairways, retaining walls, underpasses and tunnels, and $7.8 million toward repairs on the Third Street Bridge and the Islais Creek Bridge.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: