SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — This may not be much of a surprise to some Bay Area residents — but San Francisco is the healthiest city in America, according to research released Monday by research and financial website WalletHub.

The study takes into account the cost of a medical visit, fruit and vegetable consumption and access to gyms and outdoor recreation areas across 170 cities in the U.S.

In addition to taking the top spot in overall health, San Francisco also ranks first in healthy food access and ‘green space,’ which looks at the number of parks and walking trails and residents’ access to physical activity.

Other cities coming in the top 10 healthiest cities on the list include San Diego, Seattle and Irvine.

As far as the nation’s unhealthiest cities — Brownsville, Texas ranked in last place.

California cities ranking lowest include Stockton, Bakersfield and San Bernardino.

According to the study, San Francisco has the lowest number of people not eating enough fruits and vegetables per day, along with Oakland, San Jose and Fremont.

San Francisco also has the fourth highest number of healthy restaurants per capita.

However, if you’re looking to go to a gym — San Francisco may not be the ideal place.

According to the study, the city has one of the highest average monthly costs for a gym membership.

But thankfully, San Francisco also has the most walking trails per capita in the U.S., the research shows.

>> To view the full study from WalletHub, click here.

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