San Francisco supervisor questions why public hospital is named after Facebook CEO


A San Francisco supervisor is calling into question the reason the city’s public hospital is named after a social media giant CEO.

The supervisor is pushing to hold Facebook accountable.

“It cannot be normal for a city to put a price tag on the branding of institutions and spaces that fundamentally belong to the citizens,” Supervisor Aaron Peskin said.

Peskin is calling to remove the Zuckerberg name from San Francisco General Hospital. 

“This should really be seen as a message by Facebook and it’s CEO and CFO that San Francisco takes their behavior very seriously,” Peskin said.

Peskin’s reasoning behind this is Facebook and its leadership have had a string of scandals in recent months. 

“The use of 87 million Facebook users’ personal information. Their involvement in election behavior is not a good look for their CEO’s name to be on our hospital,” Peskin said.

San Francisco General was renamed Mark Zuckerberg SF General after a $75 million donation during its reconstruction. However, supervisor Peskin says the majority of the $887 million cost came from taxpayers.

He’s calling on the city attorney’s office to investigate if the city has the legal authority to remove Zuckerberg’s name.

“It is a complicated agreement, and we’ll see what the city attorney comes back with,” Peskin said.

He also wants to address charitable donations.

“To exchange ‘charitable donations’ for naming rights for public institutions that fundamentally been paid for in most part by the taxpayers of San Francisco,” Peskin said.

There’s no time frame on when the city attorney will have an answer.

There’s also the question of, if this is possible, what party has the rights to start the process.



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