SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco-based tech company is sending help to Ukraine in the midst of the most recent Russian attack Monday that killed at least 14 people and injured many others.

JustAnswer is an app that connects users with an array of experts. The CEO of JustAnswer, Andy Kurtzig, was disappointed to hear news of Vladimir Putin unleashing barrages of missiles on Ukrainians Monday.

“Just bummed. I woke up this morning and saw the news and was just disappointed with how Russia and Putin are treating the Ukrainians,” said Kurtzig. His company has a large office in Ukraine with 300 employees and he was recently in Lviv until last week to open a mental health center.

While there, he said multiple missile sirens were triggered, forcing him and his team to move to a bomb shelter. “Permanently affects them and their psyche and throws them off permanently unless intervention happens and that’s why we created the mental health center,” said Kurtzig.

Kurtzig said his team also delivered multiple supplies to the Ukrainian military. “Winter is coming and they need warm things, so we brought everything from sleeping bags and thermal underwear and warm gloves and goggles,” said Kurtzig.

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Earlier this year, he said the tech company helped upgrade military computers and created a drone pilot school. Kurtzig said he is continuously collaborating with leaders on other ways they can help.

However, he said it is the will of the Ukrainian people that is moving them forward in this fight. “The strength and the bravery of the Ukrainian people was very clear when I was there last week and I came away from this visit, my second visit since the war started, just with 100% conviction that the Ukranian people will win this war,” said Kurtzig.