SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It was a busy week in San Francisco. From Dreamforce to Portola, a huge number of people traveled to the city.

The influx of tourism started last week with the start of Dreamforce. The conference, parties and expos brought in around 40,000 people from out of town.

“That was a good shot in the arm for us and it’s not just the concert promoters or event producers, it’s all the other jobs that come along with it. Whether their florists, or linen companies, or rental equipment companies,” said Rodney Fong, President & CEO San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

Tourists continued to flood into the city throughout the weekend for both the Folsom Street Fair in SOMA, and the Portola Music Festival at Pier 80.

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“Places such as the Hilton in Park 55, which are the biggest hotel entity outside of Las Vegas west of the Mississippi were fully occupied. That’s about 3,000 hotel rooms collectively,” said Alex Bastian, President & CEO of the Hotel Council of San Francisco.

The guests booking those hotel rooms were also spending money and making restaurant reservations. The restaurants also experienced a week of large parties, something that hasn’t happened often during the pandemic.

“Six to eight people. We actually had a lot of restaurants buyouts at Epic early in the week where the Salesforce group just took over the whole place,” said Pete Sittnick, Managing Partner Water Bar and Epic Steak.

Sittnick said the weekend numbers were solid, but nothing too out of the ordinary. He said the crowds from Portola and Folsom seemed to stick to the neighborhoods where the events took place.

Sittnick is hoping the tourism boost he did see last week is a sign of what’s to come. “Looking forward to a holiday season this year that we think is going to be quite busy,” said Pete Sittnick, Managing Partner Water Bar and Epic Steak.

Other than the holiday season, another big event coming up that the tourism industry will be paying attention to is Fleet Week. That runs from October 3-11.