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San Jose couple of 67 years gets COVID vaccine together on Valentine’s Day


SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Married for 67 years, a San Jose couple is celebrating this Valentine’s Day a little differently.

On Sunday, they got their final COVID-19 vaccine shot together.

For Fritz and Marjorie Buell, it was a special day.

“We haven’t really spent too much time being special on Valentine’s Day. We just are good to each other every day. Every day is the same to me.”

And it’s not necessarily because of Valentine’s Day. On Sunday, they got their final COVID-19 vaccine shot together at Oakmont of San Jose retirement community where the couple lives.

“We do everything as a couple.”

Marjorie says it’s been that way for a while now. 

“Every year is important because it’s another year we add to how long we’ve been together.”

The two have been married and living in California for 67 years but they originally met in Illinois.

“We met at a dance. A YMCA dance and he asked me to dance and I went and sat down which is the usual and then somebody else comes and asks. He kept coming back again and back again and we danced pretty much the whole evening.”

Marjorie and Fritz say times are quite different nowadays. 

“We were able to go wherever we wanted and do whatever we wanted, we didn’t have to worry about whether or not there was a virus.”

Since the pandemic, they haven’t been able to get out much or see family. As more vaccinations continue, they say they’re most excited about seeing their kids and grandchildren.

“Getting to see our family again, I’m most excited for because we haven’t been able to see our kids in I don’t know how long.”

Something that 70 of the other residents and staff are also excited for as they continue second doses of the vaccine this week.

“Such a relief to see the residents all come down and be vaccinated because I think we all know what’s in the future for them and it’s being able to hug their loved ones again.”

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