If you have business with the California Department of Motor Vehicles in San Jose, you might want to pack a snack, comfortable shoes, and your patience because the lines are longer than ever.

The driver’s license processing center on Senter Road is one of the busiest in California.  

Customers spend an average of nearly 3 hours waiting in line. The good news is that no one had to wait outdoors in the heat.

But inside the DMV’s sprawling driver’s license processing center, it was standing room only, standing and waiting in a line to get a number to take your place in another line or wait for a chair to open up while you wait for your number to be called. It can test one’s patience.

Lines and wait times have been getting longer, twice as long at some offices, since the DMV began issuing the relatively new federally-mandated real ID’s, which require more staff time to review documents.

The deadline for those new ID’s isn’t until Oct. 2020, but evidently, people want to get them sooner rather than later.

Some customers waited an hour just to get in the door at DMV’s Alma Avenue location. The wait time clock doesn’t begin until you check in and get a number.

Wait times are getting longer even for people who made an appointment.

Customers tell KRON4 that an appointment is definitely the way to go. It can cut your wait time in half.

The problem is that the next available appointment isn’t until sometime in August.