SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — It is the last week for San Jose city officials to clear its largest homeless encampment.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave the city until September 30 to empty out the area near San Jose International Airport, but now there is a new problem. There are no baseball games going on at Columbus Park.

Instead of a pitcher on the mound, the field is filled with cars, RVs and tents with people living on the dirt. “Kids can’t use it, it’s unhealthily for kids to use it, needles other stuff out there,” said a San Jose resident.

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The San Jose resident said kids need the field to play and grow. Instead, it is serving as home for residents of the encampment.

”I had a tent over there (by the airport), what happened? They told us to move,” said a resident of the homeless encampment.

The City of San Jose told KRON4:

“We are still assessing the Columbus Park situation, as our current priorities are finding resources for the individuals currently living in the FAA land area and clearing the open space as required by September 30.”

So far the city has housed 174 people from that area, but 100 more are still in limbo. “I want to know where can I live,” said a resident of the encampment.

Some parents just want a place for their kids to play. “What are we going to do? it’s kind of a tough situation,” one told KRON4.