SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan was inaugurated Wednesday evening, laying out his plans to improve the city.

Mayor Mahan said he wants to make San Jose a better community by launching a series of cleanups across neighborhoods and taking care of the people who call the streets home. “It’s time we treated homelessness as the humanitarian crisis and scale up, basic cost-effective places for them to live instead of the streets and creeks,” said Mayor Mahan.

Some people feel that Mayor Mahan is bringing new, and fresh ways of solving problems. “From knowing Matt, knowing his grassroot effort I feel like he’s a doer and he’s going to do what he says for the city,” said Uyenthy Nguyen, who attended the inauguration.

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Mayor Mahan said solving homelessness is simply getting back to the basics along with addressing crime. “Three areas I think are key are the blighted, homelessness, and public safety, those three are key to making this a better city,” said Nguyen.