SAN JOSE, Calif. — A San Jose restaurant caught on fire early this morning. The fire started around 4 a.m. and crews have been there ever since.

Crews are still here on scene trying to knock down the fire. It’s pretty smoky near the building as they try to knock down the fire.

Crews say that the damage is pretty extensive. The fire has caused the roof to collapse.

This is Holder’s Country Inn. The owner has told KRON4 that it is a staple in the community. This is on South De Anza Blvd.

Fire crews have told KRON4 that the fire is contained. It won’t spread to other buildings or other businesses nearby, but they are working to knock it down.

Crews also said that when they came inside the building they tried to contain the fire from down below, but right now crews are working up above with a ladder being used to spray some water on the building to make sure that there are no hot spots.

No one has been injured but there is a lot of smoke in the area. Crews have also blocked off one road here, South De Anza Blvd.

The restaurant has been in this location since 1999. The owner took over about four years ago. This is a very popular spot here in the area.

The owner said that they will come back, but right now they are trying to make sure that the fire is put out. Then they will see what happens next.