(KRON) — An illegal gambling operation at an underground casino was raided by San Jose Police Department officers on Thursday and seven people were arrested, according to an SJPD news release. The location, which was located in the area of North Capitol Avenue and Avenue B, was described as “a hub for a variety of illegal activities including gambling, drug dealing, and the buying and selling of stolen property,” according to SJPD.

SJPD detectives obtained search and arrest warrants for the premises on Thursday, Oct. 13. Officers with the SJPD MERGE Unit and patrol officers served the warrant, according to the news release. Officers detained multiple people and seven were arrested.

One of the suspects arrested had a loaded gun and cocaine on his person. Five of the suspects arrested had outstanding felony warrants. Seven ounces of cocaine, a crack-cocaine conversion laboratory, several thousand dollars in cash, casino machines and stolen retail items were also recovered by detectives.

The suspects arrested were identified by SJPD as:

  • Nhu Huynh, 48, of San Jose
  • Anita Nguyen, 53, of San Jose
  • Truong Trang, 51, of San Jose
  • Dat Nguyen, 46, of San Jose
  • Thang Nguyen, 54, of San Jose
  • Phuoc Nguyen, 52, of San Jose
  • Quynh Pham, 35, of San Jose

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One of the casino operatives was also linked to a stabbing case.

Anyone with information related to the incident is asked to contact the San Jose PD Burglary Prevention Unit at (408)537-1200.