SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (BCN) — Rescue boats from multiple agencies in San Rafael were responsible for rescuing people during a blustery Saturday afternoon on the Bay. Reports of multiple rescues required the response of two boats from San Rafael police, one from San Rafael Fire Department and another from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, along with a helicopter from the California Highway Patrol, according to a news release from the San Rafael Police Department.

In all, five adults, six children, one small boat, and five paddleboarders were rescued and returned to shore with no injuries reported. The first rescue effort began in response to a 4:30 p.m. report of several paddleboarders in trouble off China Camp State Park, where they had been blown west into shallow waters and were unable to get back to shore.

As that rescue was in process, another report came in about a person on a boat adrift with an engine failure. The Marin County sheriff’s boat responded to take on the paddleboarders, while the police boat began towing to shore the boat with the engine failure.

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During the tow, another call came in about four children and one adult stranded on Rat Rock and who were unable to get back to shore. The city’s fireboat responded to complete the tow and the police boat headed to Rat Rock, where a second city police boat took the four children and adult to China Camp State Park. During the rescues, another one was performed by the Marin County boat, which picked up four adults and a child while the three rescued paddleboarders were still on board.

San Rafael police said, “This serves as a good reminder for water goers to pay attention to weather forecasts, wear life preservers, dress appropriately, have a plan, and be mindful of one’s capabilities. It takes just a slight change in the weather to create dangerous and unpredictable conditions.”

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