UPDATE: San Francisco Public Works said Wednesday that the northbound lanes of the great highway have been reopened. The southbound lanes remain closed.

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Great Highway will remain closed due to sand accumulation, San Francisco Public Works said Monday. The Great Highway had initially closed to traffic at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic but had opened to traffic on weekdays since then.

“Traffic advisory: Our street crews made headway today clearing sand from the Great Highway but the sustained high winds necessitate additional work at least through tomorrow to tackle the sand buildup,” SF Public Works said on Twitter. “The roadway remains closed to vehicles.”

The highway originally closed for socially-distanced exercise at the outset of the pandemic. A group of San Francisco residents sued to reopen the Great Highway to vehicle traffic 24/7, but a judge ruled it was OK to keep it closed on weekends.

Those advocating to reopen the highway say that the closures negatively affect the elderly and contribute to traffic conditions in the Sunset neighborhood. San Francisco Mayor London Breed said the highway’s closure on weekends would allow residents and visitors to enjoy the space. Now, San Francisco Public Works says the highway will be closed due to sand accumulation.