(KRON) — Parents are celebrating the approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for those under the age of five.

“These girls have an older brother and he’s fully vaccinated and boosted. My husband and I are fully vaccinated and boosted but they’ve all left behind. So, it’s been hard to be that half vaccinated family,” said Priyanka Goel, mother of four-year-old vaccinated twins.

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On Tuesday, Santa Clara County began administering the vaccines for children at the fairgrounds in San Jose.

“I know there’s so much skepticism out there right now with vaccines and everything so much misinformation. I just want more people to realize this is science. There’s a lot of evidence behind it, and more people will get vaccinated,” said Namrata Nayyar, mother of a vaccinated 18-month-old.

Doctors said getting children vaccinated can make all the difference.

“Protection is preventing children from getting severe symptoms as a hospitalist hospitalization, thus preventing them from having long COVID we know is a complication that can occur in young children,” said Dr. Ahmad Khmal, Santa Clara County COVID-19 Preparedness.

Many said getting their youngest vaccinated will complete the circle and open up many more options for their family.

“Freedom to go anywhere but also that peace of mind of being with people that we care about and our loved ones whether they are near or far,” said David Pio, father of a vaccinated four-year-old.

If you are planning to get your kids vaccinated and you’re coming to the fairgrounds site, remember to go online first and make an appointment.