SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) – Incumbent Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen will likely be heading to an outright victory over two challengers, avoiding triggering a run-off election in November.

A run-off would be triggered if Rosen gets less than half of the votes, but according to preliminary election returns, Rosen won 59.3% of voters, compared to 23.9% for law-and-order candidate Daniel Chung, and 16.7% for Sajid Khan, a public defender. 48% of precincts are reporting as of press time.

Rosen has been district attorney since 2011, and this is the first time he has run opposed as an incumbent. Chung is running to his right, expressing the sentiment in an op/ed for the San Jose Mercury News that criminal justice reform has created a “revolving door for repeat offenders”

After writing that op/ed, Chung was demoted and subsequently fired, according to a lawsuit he filed against Rosen and the office in federal court alleging his First Amendment rights were violated.

Khan was running to Rosen’s left, running as a progressive prosecutor of the type that rose to prominence in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Philadelphia. Khan alleges that Rosen does not do enough to fight institutional racism in the criminal justice system.

“Right now we have a DA’s office that has failed to hold police officers accountable and then made us ultimately less safe, especially communities of color,” Khan told KRON4 last July.

The race has been heated; at one point, Chung accused Rosen of tripping him at an in person debate in April.