(KRON) — Businesses in and around downtown Santa Rosa have been targeted in a series of hate crimes and hate speech incidents, the Santa Rosa Police Department said on Monday. The businesses targeted were primarily LGBTQ+ owned, or supporters of the LGBTQ+ community, police said.

The businesses targeted were defaced with stickers that promoted hateful rhetoric. Stickers were also used to cover up support for LGBTQ+ rights, Trans rights, and Black Lives Matter, police said.

No information about suspects in the incidents was made available. The perpetrators were simply described as “unknown people.”

“The Santa Rosa Police Department is committed to supporting all members of our community and will not tolerate hate crimes,” Santa Rosa PD said. “No citizen, employee, or business owner should be targeted and harassed for living their authentic lives or supporting their fellow citizens.”

Santa Rosa PD is investigating each instance and is encouraging anyone who might have surveillance footage to come forward.