Santa Rosa man displays naked mannequins on front lawn after fence dispute


A homeowner in Santa Rosa went the extra mile to prove his frustration with the city after he was told to cut his fence down.

A neighbor made a complaint that the fence was too high, causing a blind spot for drivers at a nearby intersection.

“A neighbor complained about my fence being too tall, so they came out and made me cut my fence down. So I cut it down, and so I wanted my privacy, they didn’t want me to have my privacy, so now they get to see my party,” the homeowner said.

The man says he spent $9,000 to install the fence six months ago so that his two large dogs could run around — the fence is now three-feet high.

“So a couple weeks ago I was doing a job out in Sebastopol for a clothing store that closed down and I hauled out all these mannequins and I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them because they’re really cool,” the man says. “So by the time when we started to cut the fence down I came back here and just assembled them all, put them at the table, so when the fence came down there they were.”

One of his neighbors Rocco Giovanetti applauds him for putting out the mannequins.

“I love it, I think it’s awesome. I mean the poor guy, living next door to him, the city is coming down on him for his fence, come on, it’s freedom of speech. You know, freedom of you can do whatever you want with your house,” Giovanetti said. “People just need to come together and just have a little laugh about it, you know what I mean? Just relax, it’s all in good fun.”

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