Santa Rosa teen arrested after one killed, another injured in crash


A Santa Rosa teenager has been arrested after a crash that left one person dead and another seriously injured.

It happened early this morning in Santa Rosa’s Fountain Grove area.

Police say three teenagers were in the car when it went over an embankment. 

The two passengers were ejected and one of them died.

Flowers lay near the crash site where a 16-year-old girl was killed and another was seriously injured.

It’s a growing memorial where friends have been paying their respects. 

Police say the three teens were driving near Skyfarm and Thomas Lake Harris drives in Santa Rosa when the car went off the road.

“It just feels unreal that that could happen and I was just shocked and it took a while for me to really like understand that that happened we lost someone so kind,” said Maria Carillo High School student Epiphany Gierock. 

Gierock says they’re all students at Maria Carillo High School. 

Like many others epiphany wanted to share her condolences at the site.

“It’s really hard on everybody because nobody expected it came out of nowhere,” Epiphany said. 

Snapped tree limbs and uprooted grass show the deadly path the car went down early Monday morning.

Eventually it landed on a Golf Course Fairway. 

Police say the two passengers were ejected.

One girl later died at the hospital.

“It’s shocking and it’s scary,” said another student, Halli Fox. 

Fox says this area is a popular hangout for kids her age.

It’s also a place well known for fast driving teens.

“To know that like I’ve driven on this road fast and my friends have driven on this road fast and she was just doing the same thing,” she said. 

The teen driver suffered minor injuries and police arrested her on suspicion of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. 

Fox says this deadly accident teaches a tough lesson.

“I don’t know,  I feel like coming out here just made it so much more real you know like in every aspect,” she said. “It’s just, it’s sad.”

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