SANTA ROSA (BCN) — A woman who pleaded guilty in February to several counts of identity theft-related crimes has been sentenced to an eight-year prison term, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch announced Thursday.

Teresa Goode, 32, of Santa Rosa, was charged with several counts of identity theft, burglary, forgery, possession of stolen checks, possession of stolen credit cards and possession of other personal identifying information, connected to criminal activity that spanned from May to December of 2014, prosecutors said.

In May 2014, Goode deposited a stolen mail check into a bank account she had opened using another person’s identity, and she later withdrew all the funds in that account, prosecutors said.

Then, in August, investigators found stolen mail, identification cards, checks, driver’s licenses and other items containing victims’ personal information inside her residence, prosecutors said.

While Goode was on bail for those offenses, she was pulled over for a traffic violation in November, and police found hundred of pieces of stolen mail inside several bags, prosecutors said.

Checks, credit cards, bank statements, driver’s licenses and identification cards from more than 100 victims were located along with identifying information from an additional 70 victims.

Goode was later seen on bank surveillance videos depositing stolen and forged checks in November and December, prosecutors said.