GREENVILLE N.C. (WNCT) – Online coupon scams have always been a problem, but more recently, the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina has seen them more frequently.

You’re scrolling through Facebook and you see 100 dollars off your next purchase of saving 50 when you shop here.

It has to be too good to be true – Well, unfortunately, it is.

Recently the BBB of Eastern North Carolina has released a warning for phony online coupon scams aimed to steal your personal information.

Here are the 3 biggest and most clicked on scam coupons:

If you’re confused as to how to spot the real coupons from the real ones, here’s some information the BBB suggests using when trying coupons.

Be skeptical; the better the deal looks the more likely it’s fake.

Look at the expiration date. Almost every coupon has one and most phony coupons don’t have one.

Lastly, verify the source, doing things like scrolling your mouse over the coupon and seeing the destination before clicking.

Remember, every secure and trusted site will have an HTTPS address.

If you’re really unsure if it’s a real coupon check the company’s website as well.

To find out about scams being reported in your area, check the BBB scam tracker.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: