(KRON) – Several vehicles, including a school bus full of students on the way to San Jose were hit by projectiles in Monterey County.

The CHP is now trying to determine if those vehicles were shot at.

The school bus was reportedly carrying the football team from Carmel High School.

They were headed to San Jose for a playoff game tonight.

The incident happened on Northbound 101 in the town of Prunedale just before 5 p.m.

The CHP said a silver Mercedes was hit first, and a window was shattered.

911 calls came in, saying the bus carrying a football team was also hit.

The CHP isn’t giving additional details, just saying the vehicles were hit with projectiles.

Now they are trying to find the person responsible.

When this happened we dispatched every unit in Monterey County from the Highway Patrol to respond to the scene, which is a massive response in hopes of finding a suspect.

The people that were in the mercedes immediately pulled to a safe location and dialed 911, that was critical to our investigation so if these incidents continue we are asking the public please stop immediately and call us.

The CHP said one person in the Mercedes and one student on the bus were hurt by broken glass.

Again, no official word on if these vehicles were hit with bullets.

The Carmel Unified School District released a statement saying a replacement bus picked up the students and took them to San Jose for tonight’s game.

This is an important message about our CUSD football team traveling this evening to the playoff game in San Jose. Most importantly, our students and staff are all safe. However, while on the drive to San Jose, the bus was hit by a projectile about 100 yards from the bridge that crosses 101. The projectile shattered the emergency window spreading glass into the passenger cabin. 911 was called and responded and all students and staff have been examined; they are safe and cleared to play. CHP are also on the scene checking into this as this area has experienced similar kinds of events. A replacement CUSD bus is on its way and due to the delay, the playoff game will be starting later this evening (estimate 7:30 pm).We thank our students and staff for their calm and responsive actions during this unfortunate event.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Tip Line at (888) 833-4847.