OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – The top official at a Bay Area charter school would like to add armed guards for security, but says he can’t because the subject is out of his hands. 

At this meeting with parents, the executive director of Bay Technology School in Oakland, Dr. Seth Feldman had this to say to parents about security on campus: “if i was allowed to have armed security on campus, we would have armed security on campus.”

Dr. Feldman told KRON4, “my job as a leader is to channel the community’s thoughts, and to speak on behalf of the community. My statements were those that reflected a large number of the members of our community.”

The subject of armed guards has come up in the wake of last week’s shooting injuring six people on the site that houses three schools, including Bay Tech. Dr. Feldman says even though members of the Bay Tech school community would like to add armed guards to the existing safety measures, his charter school can’t for one simple reason.

Dr. Feldman tells KRON4, “we are tenants of the Oakland Unified School District. As such, our facilities use agreement does not allow for us to have armed security on campus.”

Back in 2020, OUSD’s board of education cut ties with its designated school police department. The current board members have the sole authority to make any changes to security going forward at OUSD.

Dr. Feldman says, “I make no comment to what is in the interest of another organization. I can only speak for Bay Tech. That’s all I will speak for. As a parent I know that I would want to know that whoever was entrusted to care for my child, took all the proper precautions to care for my child.” 

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Dr. Feldman says Bay Tech recently received a threat assessment report from an outside security consultant and is moving forward with recommendations to improve school security at their site.