SeaWorld welcomes 150-pound baby walrus to park


ORLANDO (CNN) – A Florida theme park is celebrating the birth of a baby walrus. 

The 150-pound calf was born at SeaWorld in Orlando on July 3.

The unnamed bundle of blubbery joy is the second walrus born at the park making her one of just 18 living in zoos.

She’s not quite ready to make her public debut yet, though.

Her mother, named Kaboodle, isn’t producing milk so workers have to give the newborn eight bottle feedings a day.

Park officials say both mother and daughter are doing well and will meet adoring human fans as soon as they are ready.

Walruses are about as far from native to Florida as you can get they live on ice.

The large tusked animals are seeing their wild populations dwindle as climate change reduces the amount of stable sea ice in the Arctic.

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