SAN JOSE (KRON) — Obviously security is of top most concern and law enforcement as well as air management have revisited their security plans since the Gilroy tragedy.

An estimated 60,000 people are expected through these gates beginning Thursday for the 75th Santa Clara County Fair.  

On Wednesday, carnival operators were getting their games and prizes in order, vendors were setting up their booths and livestock was beefing up. 

But in the days since the Gilroy tragedy, meetings have been underway to talk about security.

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Executive Director, Abraham Andrade, said they are preparing for the event.  

“We have reviewed our security plans for the four days and are working closely with the county exec board of supers and county sheriff to enhance the security during the four days,” Andrade said.

Details of the security plan remain confidential , but officials at the fairground do say will be additional law enforcement officers patrolling the facility.

“I feel very confident with the plan they have put forward for our entire community,” Santa Clara County Supervisor, Cindy Chavez, said. 

Chavez has seen the specifics of the security plan and plans to attend the fair and bring her family.

She hopes the Gilroy tragedy doesn’t keep people away.

What we want to make sure is that people don’t stay home out of fear, we don’t want to leave one unhealthy, mad insane person stop us from enjoying our community.

Fair gates open Thursday at 1 p.m. and the fair runs until Sunday at 10 p.m.