Security video shows thief lurking in San Jose home


SAN JOSE (KRON) — Home security video shows a thief lurking in an East San Jose home. 

He throws on a hoodie that isn’t his, but the stealing didn’t stop there.

He also made off with more than $20,000 worth of jewelry.

Evelyn Cruz said this happened around 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

“It’s really priceless,” Cruz said. “The ring, bracelet, the necklaces.”

While the thief was prowling around the house, she was in the shower.

Just feet away, the burglar swiped a couple of jewelry boxes right off of her dresser.

Without the help of her son-in-law, Cruz said she would’ve never known what happened to her stuff.

Errol Ozdalga recently had cameras installed at the home so he can keep an eye on his in-laws. 

“So this is the camera that was used to actually to record the person as they broke in,” Ozdalga said. 

He said the burglar snuck in through a screen door in the back of the house. 

“We would’ve never fully known what happened if we didn’t have cameras around here,” he said. “Since then, actually today I brought four more cameras and am putting them around the house.” 

“When Errol showed me the picture I was really scared, I said oh my God there’s an invasion here. It’s so scary.”

Evelyn’s husband Ed was outside helping a neighbor at the time of the break-in. 

The video shows the thief putting Ed’s beloved Warriors hat on his head before looking for other things to take.

Ed says he’s devastated because he got this hat at the Warriors last game at Oracle.

“If somebody find that hat, please return it for me,” he said. I’m begging. thank you.”

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