(KRON) — A San Francisco man is recovering after he says he was brutally assaulted in Lower Pac Heights on Sunday evening.

Richard Titus has lived in San Francisco for years, and he says he hasn’t had issues like this before. The last thing he remembers clearly is leaving a brunch around 5 or 6p.m. on Sunday. He says he picked up his Tesla from getting charged.

Titus remembers the assault vividly. He says he was walking up a hilly street in SF when he heard footsteps behind him. He’s 6’2”, so he says he doesn’t spook easily.

“I didn’t really even pay attention to the footsteps until something hit me in the back of the head hard enough to knock me flat on my hands and knees,” Titus tells KRON4. He jumped up quickly and took a look at the two men. He describes them as having a darker complexion, both wore hoodies and one had a baseball hat. One was holding a pipe, and the second one seemed to be reaching for Titus’s wristwatch, a 1968 Rolex Daytona.

“So I punched him, as you do” Titus said with a chuckle. He believes that reaction surprised his attackers and scared them enough to run away. He said both attackers quickly fled the scene.

“My brain has sort of broken up my memory of the evening, and that’s what happens with traumatic brain injuries,” Titus says.

Titus was staying with a friend in the Lower Pac Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. The next thing he remembers is walking up the steps to his friend’s apartment around 9:30 or 10:30 p.m. with blood dripping down his back and a head injury. The next morning he woke up with blood all over his pillowcase.

This is an image of a gash on a man's head
Gash on Titus’s head from the incident (Photo courtesy of Richard Titus)

Titus headed to the emergency room at California Pacific Medical Center to get treated, and he couldn’t say enough good things about the staff. The staff required him to file a police report before he left, and his insurance also needed a police report for the assault. He ended up waiting around until about 11 p.m., but no officers came.

That’s when Titus took to social media. He posted photos and the story of the assault online, and not long after, a couple of police captains reached out to him to help file the report.

“I’ve lived in San Francisco off and on for all these years, and I’ve never been mugged before, I’ve definitely never been assaulted before by strangers. It felt a little scary given I’m in the city I love,” Titus told KRON4.

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As for whether or not he’ll wear the Rolex Daytona out and about in the city again, he says one of his friends has joked that he’s going to gift him a Casio G-Shock, just in case. But the Rolex is special to him even though he knows the assailants were likely after it.

“I think they were after my watch, haha I still have it!” Titus wrote on Twitter.

For now, Titus is suffering from a six-inch gash in the back of his head which required five staples to close the wound. He also has a major concussion, and he will learn soon if he has a detached retina from the attack. He can’t fly, and he can’t drive for a while.

All in all, the father of three is thankful he is safe and was able to defend himself. He hopes to see San Francisco increase its police presence and respond faster to crimes like this one. Titus says since he’s posted on social media the Bay Area community has sent tons of support his way.

“It’s interesting you don’t really realize how supportive your community is until something like this happens, and I felt really supported by my community and I’m grateful for that,” Titus told KRON4.