SF man previously assaulted by homeless man outraged after recent attack


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — In the wake of the recent attack outside a San Francisco condominium complex, a man is speaking out about when a homeless man assaulted and harassed him — twice.

“I know for a fact that she is not safe when he’s out,” Raymond Sullivan said, referring to the San Francisco woman attacked by a homeless man.

The attack occurred near the Embarcadero on Sunday. 

Sullivan, who is also a city resident, knows all too well what the woman went through.

He said he was attacked by a homeless man in his Union Square neighborhood twice in January and May of 2018.

Both incidents, the suspect was asking for money.

“He threw me backwards and I fell onto the sidewalk,” Sullivan said “I rolled to get back up and I took his foot and he attempted to stomp my head. I rolled away from him, avoiding what would have been a traumatic injury.”

Sullivan said he was assaulted by the man who was apparently put in a facility then released.

Months later, the suspect attacked Sullivan again.

“He demanded money and I said no,” Sullivan said. “He chased me into the Walgreens and he wouldn’t let me leave, yelling ‘I’m going to kill you’, all sorts of stuff.”

The suspect in this case was convicted on felony false imprisonment..

The recent attack is bringing back horrible memories.

“I felt immediately a sense of rage and just horror that this judge allowed this guy back out on the street,” Sullivan said.

Judge Christine Van Aken admitted she did not see the video of the attack before she ruled the suspected 25-year-old Austin Vincent to be released pending trial.

“Certainly Judge Aken needs to be removed from the bench pronto,” Sullivan said. “That can’t happen fast enough. So there’s a lot of reform that needs to happen and every day we wait, our lives are put in jeopardy and that’s the truth.”

Vincent will be under supervision with a GPS ankle monitor.

Sullivan said mental health is the issue in both cases and hopes it doesn’t take something drastic to make changes.

“SFPD and the courts systems are not going to act until someone is stabbed, shot, killed, stomped,” he said. “It’s unfortunate and that’s the truth.”

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