(KRON) — With all eyes on the U.S. Open the interest in tennis across the states is expected to skyrocket this month, but which California city is best to get out on the court? San Francisco fares well, according to the study conducted by news and review website Gambling.com.

Well-known for it’s hard, blue courts, the U.S. Open is the biggest tennis event held in the U.S. The search term ‘tennis’ went up by 283% in September of last year, the last time the U.S. Open was held. Search terms ‘tennis courts’ and ‘tennis courts near me’ also went up by similar amounts in September 2021.

Using data compiled from Global Tennis Network, Gambling.com analyzed the greatest tennis cities in our state. San Francisco comes in at number four on the list of California’s top tennis cites. According to the data provided by the study, the City by the Bay has 284 tennis courts and over 700 players registered with the Global Tennis Network.

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Irvine took the stop spot with 269 tennis courts and 732 registered players. Coming in strong at number two was San Diego, with 735 tennis courts and over 800 registered players. Los Angeles holds the number three position with 655 and over 900 registered players.

A city in the South Bay came in at number 6; San Jose has 335 tennis facilities and over 400 registered players. For more on the methodology of the study, please visit the study website.