SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) — San Francisco Supervisor Gordon Mar and community members of Sunset District gathered to promote a new home security initiative for residents of the Sunset District on Friday.

The initiative includes a new Video Doorbell Home Security program, new neighborhood watch groups and free safety assessments for homeowners. The Video Doorbell Home Security is continued for a second year due to the popularity of the program last year, where the city ran out of security cameras.

This year’s program is funded by the city budget. “On the Budget Committee, I have advocated for increased public safety funding for the Sunset District,” said Mar. “The Video Doorbell Home Security Program will help seniors be more safe and secure in their homes.”

Homeowners can also have a security specialist walk through their home and discuss safety improvements. A free report will be provided to homeowners at the end of the assessment. The Sunset Safety Squad, a volunteer neighborhood watch organization formed to increase safety of the Sunset District and to stop Asian hate, will also work to increase outreach.

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“We will help organize neighborhood watch groups and educate residents about these programs so that we can build community and strengthen our neighborhood,” said Alan Wong, a leader with Sunset Safety Squad. “I built a relationship with my neighbors, and we help each other with pick up packages while the other is out of town so burglars can’t identify targets.”

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