SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco School Board member who made a racially insensitive comment about Black and brown students this week is facing growing calls to resign. Comments board member Ann Hsu made in a San Francisco Parent Action questionnaire implied that Black and brown students don’t perform as well as others due to “lack of family support,” “unstable family environments” and “lack of parental encouragement to focus on or value learning.”

Hsu’s comments have been widely criticized as being racist and now a chorus of SF public officials are calling for her to resign.

“San Francisco Board of Education Member Ann Hsu recently made racist statements about Black and Brown students stating that their parents do not encourage their children to focus on or value learning,” said SF Supervisor Shamann Walton on a statement. “This is flat out wrong and racist to perpetuate harmful stereotypes on Black and Brown students and their families who have been disenfranchised by systemic racism for decades.”

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SF Supervisor Connie Chan joined Walton in calling for Hsu to step down.

“I am deeply disappointed and disheartened by Commissioner Ann Hsu’s anti-Black and racist statements made and reported in at least two occasions by the media,” said Chan in a statement. “Her words perpetuate racist stereotypes and further divide communities of color in a time when we need to stand united against hate.”

Hsu issued an apology on Twitter, saying in part, “In trying to convey my thoughts on this subject, I misspoke. My statements reflected my own limited experiences and inherent biases. I made a mistake, and I am deeply sorry.”

Hsu replaced one of three ousted members who caused controversy on the board. Shortly after she was appointed by Mayor London Breed, she is now being asked to leave.