SF voters fear what aftermath of election will bring


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — While things are looking better for former Vice President Joe Biden’s chances, the lack of a clear winner has many people on edge no matter who they voted for.

Local businesses are still bracing for potential rioting over the outcome.

Biden supporters said they are feeling nauseously optimistic, and people on both sides got very little sleep last night.

Plywood covers the windows and doors along businesses on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.

Some businesses have been bracing for potential civil unrest for many days now, and with no final election result yet — others boarded up Wednesday.

The Alexander McQueen boutique in Union Square was getting fitted for plywood coverings Wednesday morning, and much of the merchandise gone from the display windows.

An employee said he understands why it’s happening.

“These are some crazy times we’re living in,” Glynn Cater said. “And people are trying to protect themselves.”

Those walking by the boarded-up business say it doesn’t help their nerves already frayed by a long night of watching and waiting for a winner to the presidential election with little sleep.

“Seeing everything boarded up is kind of alarming because we are a democracy the whole point is that it’s a fair election and it should not involve violent protests afterwards,” Phoebe Hansen said.

“I’m just concerned any violence — that’s my only concern that’s gonna be pro Trump or pro Joe Biden’s, Republicans and Democrats starting a war,” Laura Cisneros said. “That’s my only concern.”

Both sides of the political spectrum say they are disappointed at the results of the election so far because it underlines the division in this country.

“I can tell by looking at the votes and states that our country is split in half and that’s what I see,” Igor Pavkin said. “There’s no 100%, not even 100%, no sure positive winning for either.”

One voter said her biggest wish is that this election ends peacefully.

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