SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Four San Francisco State University students are on the eighth day of a hunger strike on Monday.

The hunger strike is to call attention to alleged attacks by administrators against the university’s ethnic studies department.

The four students are consuming liquids only, according to San Francisco State University Professor Andrew Jolivette.

For the last two days the four have been seen by doctors and the four are okay, he said.

Jolivette identified the four as Ahkeel Andres Mestayer, 20, Hassani Bell, 18, Sachiel Rosen, 19 and Julia Retzlaff, 19.

The four want administrators to allocate more money to the College of Ethnic Studies.

This comes after money for two positions in the college was cut from the university’s permanent budget.

The hunger strikers will continue their strike Monday morning in an encampment in front of the university’s library.Bay City News Service contributed to this report