RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) — The city of Richmond was a hotbed for sideshow activity over the weekend, police have confirmed to KRON4.

Police say the sideshow activity started late on Saturday night around 12:30 a.m., and the activity lasted into the early-morning hours on Sunday. The sideshow took place in the following locations:

  • 12th Street and Barrett Avenue
  • 2nd Street and MacDonald Avenue
  • Fred Jackson Way and Duboce Avenue
  • Central Avenue and I-80

Police estimate that there were over 300 vehicles involved in the sideshow activity. The city’s ShotSpotter gun detection system also reported ten gunshots over the course of a 30 second-period while the sideshow was still active.

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No injuries were reported in this incident. Police were not able to find further evidence to support the shots being fired in North Richmond, and therefore the department did not make any arrests in connection with the gunshots and sideshow activity.