SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Tuesday morning marked one of the most emotional moments in the lives of Sierra LaMar’s family.

Just after 9:00 a.m., the jury’s verdict was announced, revealing that Antolin Garcia-Torres was found guilty of murdering the Morgan Hill teen after her disappearance in 2012.

Sierra’s mother, father, sister, and those who helped search for her throughout the years were all present.

Her mother and father talked about the overwhelming feeling of relief that they experienced when the guilty verdict was announced.

Sierra’s mother, Marlene LaMar, says nothing will take away the pain of losing her daughter, but that she feels “grateful and blessed” that the jury came to this verdict.

“If that wasn’t enough people wouldn’t be able to depend on the justice system,” she said in reference to the extensive evidence presented throughout the 13-week trial.

If Garcia-Torres had not been found guilty, Marlene expressed the worry she would feel that “many more children could be victimized.”

She also talked about the peace she feels knowing that even five years later, Sierra still has faithful, unending support from friends and family.

Sierra’s father, Steve LaMar, also expressed a “bittersweet” mixture of emotions.

“Justice was served here for us today, justice for Sierra,” he said. “That gives us some form of relief.”

Still, that small sense of relief will not erase the eternal grief his family will feel, he said.

“It’ll never take away our grief, that will be with us forever.”

As she tried to fight away her tears, Sierra’s sister also spoke of her sorrow.

“We’ll obviously never get Sierra back, so it’s not closure,” she said. “But it is a good first step, and the jury did the right thing.”