SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – A San Jose woman is searching for her puppies after she said someone stole them from her living room while she was sleeping.

“I just want my puppies back and I want any information on who stole them. I’ll give them money to get my puppies back,” said Ashley Kindred, owner of stolen puppies. Kindred’s six 3-week-old American bully puppies were taken from her home early Friday.

“We have a lock on our gate. They grabbed a chair — one of the chairs from the front patio — hopped the fence, they put their finger through the screen, pulled it off, pushed the window AC in, and slid through,” added Kindred.

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Kindred said she was sleeping in the bedroom with the puppies’ mother, Gamora. All of the puppies were in the living room at the time of the alleged incident.

The three smaller ones were in an incubator and the bigger three were in a crate. “They still need to be with the mom,” said Kindred.

Because they are so young, Kindred is concerned that if they are not properly cared for some of the puppies could die. “I did everything from her birth to whelping them, to helping with the feeding every two hours, cleaning them. We had to stimulate them to go to the bathroom,” said Kindred.

She said Gamora doesn’t understand what happened to her puppies. “She’s looking all over for them. Acting sick, whining by the door,” added Kindred.

Kindred said the suspects took a few other items but that is not what matters to her. “We don’t care about the PS5 or the camera box. We just care about the puppies,” said Kindred.

Kindred, who goes by Ashley Lynn on social media, said she has posted on Craigslist, Nextdoor, Instagram, and Facebook trying to get the word out. She is offering a cash reward for information that leads to their return.

Anyone with information is asked to call San Jose Police.