LARKSPUR, Calif. (KRON) – Inflation numbers are squeezing a lot of people, and of course, that includes Bay Area residents.  

KRON4 spoke with shoppers about how they’re dealing with the soaring prices.

At Lucky’s supermarket in Larkspur, shoppers say enough is enough, something needs to be done about skyrocketing prices.

It is pretty brutal all around. Fran McKernan and others out in the heat Friday shared their stories about trying to survive inflation.

“I am trying to be more strategic,” McKernan says, “paying attention to prices more carefully.”

Kathy Green is a shopper who is not driving long distances, not buying expensive meat, and trying to stay close to home.

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Other shoppers say, despite trying to sidestep increases, it is practically everywhere; shaping all aspects of their lives.

“Every time I go out, everything goes up, coffee, $20 more today at Peet’s in Mollie Stones, it is a new reality”, Mike Viani tells KRON4.

Another shopper, Jeff, spoke about trading in his car in exchange for an electric bike. 

As for what’s next, shoppers say more needs to be done sooner rather than later.