SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAIN (KRON) — There were lots of snowball fights to be seen near the entrance to Castle Rock State Park off of Skyline Boulevard and Highway 9 today.

The Baker family of Boulder Creek indulged in a little white powder warfare as well as igloo making and snowman building.

“I think it’s really special because we want to get to see the snow and get to enjoy it in our own town a little bit and let them play a little bit get some energy out,” said Holly Baker.

Two De Anza college students came up to the Mountains today — at least one played hooky to do so.

“Sorry about my English class. I’m not there, I had to go to the snow,” said one of the students.

Parents and grandparents brought their little ones up to experience snow for the first time — made even more special since it’s so close to home.

“It’s sunny and snowing at the same time I think it’s a good luck sign,” said Leila Voung.

Voung celebrated Lunar New Year by bringing up her dog ‘Butter’ for his first snow adventure.

“I think he’s a little bit skeptical at first because he never seen snow before I think he’s enjoying himself. He went everywhere,” said Voung.

The locals KRON4 talked to say it’s been quite sometime since they’ve seen this much snow stick to the ground.