SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — The use of face coverings is required now in Sonoma County.​

The public health order went into effect on Friday.

>> San Francisco, Alameda joins Bay Area counties requiring face coverings

Businesses and families are adjusting to covering up.​

“I don’t want your germs and you don’t want mine,” Fred Watson said.

Rotten Robbie on Guerneville Road in Santa Rosa is asking customers to cover their faces before entering the shop.​​

“Yeah, it’s a pain,” Sam Wirth said. “But the longer we do it, the faster we get through it.”​

The order was issued by the Sonoma County Public Health Officer, requiring the public to wear face coverings in indoor facilities outside of their homes went into effect Friday.​

“I have two children and I think it’s really incredibly strange for them to be in a world where everybody is wearing masks,” Kiki Sikora said. “I don’t like it. It’s the new normal for them with fires and now with viruses.”​

Drive-thru restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and even the outdoors.​

Anywhere or instance six-feet of distance between yourself and the next closest person cannot be maintained require face coverings.​

“Normally, I stay at home, except I decided to keep my car full of gas,” Watson said. “And, I take my pooch out for a ride during the day — I just don’t get out and mix with anybody.”​

Employers of essential businesses tasked with making sure employees cover up.​

Those businesses also have the right to refuse service to customers defying the indefinite order.​

Neighboring Marin County Public Health Department has issued a similar order regarding face coverings that goes into effect Wednesday.​

Enforcement begins the same day for the mirroring order mandated in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.​

Face masks is now a necessity for most of the Bay Area​.​

“I think it’s gonna keep up safe and stop it from spreading more than it already has,” Jeannie Ferretti said. “And hopefully put a stop to this so we can go back to normal life.”​

The public health officer has requested the sheriff and all local police chiefs ensure compliance and enforcement of the order.​

A violation constitutes a threat and menace to public health that could be punishable by a fine, jail time or both.​

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