(KRON) — Firefighters and first responders in Ukraine are receiving support in the South Bay. On Saturday, the San Jose Firefighters Union held a fundraiser for their counterparts in Ukraine.

The money collected will help keep the first responders supplied while caring for people during the russian invasion

Maryan Laba was born and raised in Ukraine. He moved to the United States when he was 9 years old and has been a firefighter with the San Jose Fire Department for seven years. He says it means the world to him that his union, San Jose Firefighters Local 230, chose to host a fundraiser at the Brit Sports Pub and Patio Saturday with a percentage of food, beverage and raffle proceeds going to help Ukrainian first responders.

“They put their lives on the front line, like we do here, you know. It’s in a pretty severe circumstance that they have to do that,” Laba said.

At the event, photos of Ukrainian firefighters in action were displayed inside the Brit. The venue opened two hours early to host the event, which raised more than $5,000.

“With that much money, we’ll be able to get a lot of medical supplies, you know, get everything that they can do to support the citizens that they’re rescuing out there,” said firefighter Corey Condren.

Olga Collins lives in the Bay Area now, but was also born and raised in Ukraine. She stopped by with her family to support the fundraiser and her family overseas, living through the Russian invasion.

“There’s too much uncertainty, too much rebuilding has to be done,” Collins said.

“When everybody wants to, you know, flee, they’re going in and risking their lives to save citizens, so this means the world,” said Laba.