(KRON) – Two South Bay students are showing us how to deal with the stress of coronavirus and the shelter in place.

A brother and sister have created a website and are now offering free meditation classes to students across the globe.

“It’s hard for me to see people so stressed with what they’re doing,” Aayush said. 

“The past few weeks have been tough,” Riyana said. 

Meet Aayush and Riyana Goel.

Aayush is 15, his sister, Riyana, will be 12 next week.

They might be young but these South Bay students have found a way to bring meditation and the practice of mindfulness to people of all ages across the globe.

“If I can show them this new world, this new feeling, they’ll be less stressed,” Aayush said. 

When Aayush and Riyana were told school was over and distance learning was the new normal for the remainder of the year, they got to work.

Quickly putting together a website and launching their program, “Apart But Not Alone,” to share with others how they deal with stress and anxiety.

“It just gets really hard to juggle all the work at school and outside and sometimes when I meditate I can get my mind off everything else,” Riyana said.

You can see on their website, apartbutnotalone.com — Monday through Thursday at 4 p.m. you can tune in on Facebook Live or through Zoom and watch as a certified stress management and meditation coach guides you through a half hour session, working on how to embrace the unknown and handle disappointment.

“Just doing this helps them get their mind off whatever they are going through,” Riyana said.

The program just launched last week and it already may be expanding to as far away as Germany and Switzerland.

“A lot of my friends gave me feedback that it’s just really calming and they want to come any day they can,” Riyana said.

Click here for their website.

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