BAY AREA (KRON) — Emergency water restrictions that Governor Jerry Brown approved last month are in effect starting today.

Communities with the lowest per capita use, such as San Francisco and Hayward must reduce their water usage by 8%.

Those cities with the highest water usage like Hillsborogh and Atherton must reduce their water use by 38%.FULL DROUGHT COVERAGE 

In areas with the biggest cuts, tickets will be issued to those who water their lawns during the day, or are caught water wasting.

In communities across the state, homeowners are swapping out traditional lawns for drought-tolerant plants and shrubs, changing the look of many yards and the business outlook for landscaping and nurseries.

In Southern California this week, the board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California voted to replenish its turf removal and other water conservation programs with $350 million to meet booming demand.

“Where rebates exist, interest is high,” said Sandra Giarde, executive director of the 2,000-member California Landscape Contractors Association.