CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man attacked with sword over wheelbarrow


OAKLAND PARK, Fla. (WSVN/CNN) – Todd Beavers is living to tell the terrifying tale.

“When he pulled out the sword I thought, ‘What am I doing?’ I thought ‘is he really going to do this?’ I couldn’t believe that he was going to really try to kill me for a cart,” Beavers said.

Beavers came face to face with a man swinging a sword at him in his front lawn.

You can see the attack was caught on camera and he says it was all over a wheelbarrow.

“I really was in shock the whole time. I was really shocked,” he said.

Beavers’ evening jog took a dangerous, potentially deadly turn back on July 15.

He says he was running through his Oakland Park neighborhood when he passed by a pile of junk in front of a vacant home.

“I saw a cart in the pile. And I thought I could use that, he said.

But he says that guy also had his eyes on it, and the surveillance video shows he wasn’t going to give it up without a fight.

Beavers said before the sword swinging, the two had exchanged words and his attacker followed him with the weapon for about half a mile.

“And I turned behind me and he had a sword out chasing me, so I just kept running,” said Beavers.

Back at his house, you can see the man taking several big swings with the sword before Beavers drops it, points to a security camera, and calls the cops.

Moments later, a woman in pink grabs it and takes off.

“I said ‘you know what?’ You’re on camera. You want to take the cart, do it right in front of the camera. And she did it,” said Beavers.

Alice Bolden says that’s her in the video and this all started because of a misunderstanding.

“Yes. This is my wheelbarrow. I had it in the garage for a whole week. Yes. I have neighbors to verify that because I asked them if they want to buy some stuff also,” Bolden said.

Bolden says the two men had been fighting over items she’d put out for a garage sale and the cart was never up for grabs.

Now the Broward County Sheriff’s Office is hoping someone watching will recognize that guy in gray and point them in the right direction.

Beavers is losing the cart, but thankful he didn’t lose his life.

And while the search for the sword swinger continues, he’s thinking twice about the whole ordeal.

“I really regret it. By the time I got here with the car and he was still chasing me I thought what did I get myself into for a stupid cart. I don’t even need it. I just felt really stupid about it,” said Beavers.

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