A trio of thieves really got into Shark Week by planning and executing the kidnapping of a horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium over the weekend. 

Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio told KSAT the three thieves stole the shark from an open pool. While one of the men grabbed the shark by its tail, the other wrapped it in a wet blanket, put the shark in a bucket, then put the bucket in a stroller. 

Police thought it was a hoax when they got the 911 call from an employee who saw it all happen on surveillance video. 

“When we first got the call, we thought it was kind of a hoax being that it was Shark Week last week,” Salvaggio told KSAT. “But it turns out someone actually went inside the aquarium there in Leon Valley and stole a horn shark.”

The three were able to flee the park but police tracked the thieves down and have since taken a person of interest in custody. 

Police are still looking for the other two thieves. 

The truck was impounded, but the shark was nowhere to be found. 

A wildlife expert told KENS 5 horn sharks can survive outside of water for two to three hours.