Students accused of handing out cookies made of human ash to classmates


DAVIS (CNN) — Cookies usually satisfy your sweet tooth, but these “cremation” cookies are more sickening than satisfying. 

Sacred ashes turned into a high school snack? 

Davis police are investigating the sickening report. 

Several students allegedly used cremated human remains to bake homemade cookies then handed them out to classmates to eat at DaVinci High School. 

Davis police are investigating the morbid mix went into a batch of sugar cookies. 

The human ash-filled sugar cookies were brought to campus and passed out to classmates. 

At least 9 students ate the cookies. 

“I have not heard of anyone getting sick, or anybody being harmed as far as physically or physiologically by this,” said Lieutenant Paul Doroshov with the Davis Police Department. 

Police say they are working to confirm two students were part of the morbid baking plan, putting a relative’s remains into the cookie ingredients. 

The remains allegedly once belonged to the body of one of the grandparents. 

The Davis Joint Unified School District spokesperson issued a statement saying the district can not comment on confidential students matters and wrote: 

“This case he been particularly challenging and we have responded appropriately and in the most respectful and dignified way possible.”

Now Davis police are working to uncover more about these morbid cookie claims and exactly what crime could be charged. 

“Because of the fact that it was so unconventional, it would take more research.”

Using grandparent’s ashes as a cookie ingredient — then serving the cremated remains to unsuspecting students. 

The claim is based on what students have said. 

Officials say the cookies haven’t been tested yet. 



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