VALLEJO (KRON) – Some students at one East Bay middle school have been in gym class instead of math class for three weeks now and their parents are very concerned about their children’s education.

Vallejo School District confirms one of their math teachers has been on leave.

Many parents waiting to pick up their students had no idea.

One parent said the district did not notify any of them.

“They haven’t told us nothing,” Anissa Mendez, a parent of 7th grader, said.

Some students at Solano Middle School have traded in their math books for their sneakers, but not by choice.

“I mean it’s really sad, it’s unfortunate like kids are, they deserve a decent education and math is very important and they are not receiving that and the biggest thing that I have is no one was notified they are just going to the gym doing PE and that’s it not learning,” Tiffany Ruby, another parent, said.

The head of the School District’s Human Resources Department says one of their two math teachers is on long term leave.

She worked the first week of school, but has not been back since.

The same day KRON4 spoke to the district, students say they were no longer going to gym class.

The head of the district’s Human Resources Department told us the principal crafted a plan to ensure students are now receiving instructional support.

One student said her vice principal sat in on her math class on Tuesday.

“I wasn’t notified via letter email phone call nothing,” Ruby said.

The district says they hope the math teacher returns in the next few days but are unsure when she will be back in the classroom.