(KRON) — On the first day of summer, the East Bay freeway saw a brush fire along eastbound I-580 freeway in Alameda County. Calfire got the call at around 9:45am.

Eight fire engines responded to the scene. While firefighters battled the blaze on one side of the freeway, the fire jumped across to the other side.

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“As the first day of the summer we are looking at very similar conditions over the past two years. The lack of rain and lack of snowpack, that dry brush is going to be very receptive and obviously have that potential for increased fire activity,” said Jon Heggie, Calfire Battalion Chief.

Calfire is taking several steps to become prepared for the upcoming fire season.

“Right now, we’re at peak staffing. That means we that we are ready throughout all levels of our department to attack any fires that come our way. We are really aggressive at trying to keep fires as small as possible, and we are very successful at keeping 95% of our fires at 10-acres or less,” said Heggie.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. However, Calfire officials said we humans are typically involved one way or another.

“If we can reduce those accidental ignitions. Being mindful of what you’re doing. Even if you are out trying to clear the brush, make sure you’re doing it in the cool of the morning. If you’re out recreating and you’re pulling your trailer, make sure those chains are pulled up and not dragging on the ground and causing sparks. Just doing those little things. That’s going to go a long way with protecting everybody in California,” said Heggie.

It took firefighters about two hours to put out the brush fire. Add to that, an additional hour or so of walking the perimeter on both sides of I-580 to make sure there were no hot spots that could flare up again.