Supporters of Planned Parenthood rally outside SF City Hall


A rally outside San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday was held to denounce plans by the Trump administration to severely restrict what can and cannot be discussed at family planning clinics, such as Planned Parenthood.

“We are now seeing the latest in this administration’s dark and dangerous agenda against women,” said Gilda Gonzales with Planned Parenthood of Northern California. 

Supporters of Planned Parenthood rallied outside San Francisco City Hall Monday to the Trump administration’s proposed rule change for family planning clinics receiving federal Title X funding. 

The change would “prohibit Title X projects from performing, promoting, referring for, or supporting, abortion as a method of family planning.”

“We cannot allow one of the most divisive and hateful administration this country has ever seen roll back decades of progress and protection from women in this country,” said London Breed, president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. 

Opponents call the change a “gag rule” and say cutting these funds will end up eroding access to Planned Parenthood’s other services, like birth control, cancer screening, STD testing, and treatment and general health exams. 

San Francisco supervisor Katy Tang has authored a resolution to reaffirm the board’s commitment to affordable reproductive family planning services and encourage federal and state lawmakers to do their part to stop the rule change, which can be reviewed and commented on at the federal registrar’s website. 

Those wishing to comment on those propose changes must do so to the federal government by July 31.



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