Survivor of deadly Yountville hostage standoff shares chilling details of inside veterans center


She was one of seven people spared during last Friday’s deadly hostage standoff in Yountville, and on Tuesday night, Haley Rekdahl is sharing her story with KRON4.

Rekdahl spoke about the moment the shooter, Albert Wong, stormed into the Pathway Home, took hostages, and killed three women.

Rekdahl was at the Pathway memorial for the three women who lost their lives. She talked with KRON4 about what happened when the gunman Wong walked into the party.

“He walked in very calmly and slowly,” Rekdahl said.

Rekdahl told KRON4 what Wong said.

“He at first said, ‘Veterans, you can go.’ Because there were a couple of veterans in the room with us. And then there were four staff that he let go, and all he said was our first name, and ‘you can go.’ There were two before me. I was the third that he let go.”

Rekdahl explains where Wong had the gun. 

“He had his gun against him,” Rekdahl said. “He walked in with it, and he was just very calm, just kind of emotionless.”

Then, Wong let Rekdahl go.

“He motioned towards the door that he wanted us to walk out of…,” Rekdahl said. “I walked past him out the door, and then ran from there.”

Rekdhal says she was outside before the shots were fired.



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