(KRON) — An upside down American flag emblazoned with a swastika that was displayed on the balcony of an El Sobrante home across from a middle school earlier this year is back up. A photo taken recently shows the flag hanging from a second-floor balcony of the otherwise nondescript suburban home.

The home is located directly across the street from El Sobrante Christian School, a private Christian school for elementary and junior high students. The flag was displayed earlier this year, attracting controversy and concern from neighbors and parents.

“I think it’s weird that it’s right across the street from a school and he chooses that as his outlet for political statements and it’s a bit inappropriate,” parent Nate Rodoni told KRON4 back in March. “My kids have asked and I just have to explain to them sometimes people are confused or do weird things.”

According to one resident who reached out to KRON4, neighbors are not happy about the flag’s return and are constantly pulling up and taking photos of it. The school across from the house displaying the flag is not back in session yet.